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About Me

Buying and selling a home are both major life decisions that require careful planning, calculations, fervent searching, and a little bit of luck. Real estate professional, Jackie Young is no stranger to helping people with major life decisions. Following a jackie young realtorsuccessful 15 year marketing and planning career at Intel, Jackie decided to become a personal event planner. She is meticulous about details and found she could utilize this strength along with her marketing and planning experience to help clients successfully navigate major life decisions. Event planning eventually led to wedding planning, allowing Jackie to walk couples through the joys and challenges that come with planning a wedding.

Jackie has a special place in her heart for helping others. “My planning experience is invaluable in helping me take a major event and break it down into manageable, smaller steps. This allows for a much smoother transition,” says Jackie.  Jackie’s clients can feel confident they will receive excellent guidance and support, especially when determining which house best fits their lifestyle and budget. As with event planning, home buying and selling requires a series of steps that need to be successfully completed before the client can arrive at the final result. Jackie promises to spend time listening to the needs and desires of her clients, walking with them through every step of the home buying process. She will help them keep their goals in view while avoiding the typical pitfalls that come with buying and selling homes.

Jackie Young joined RE/MAX because they are the leading real estate brand in the world. RE/MAX radiates success and has 40 years of customer service based on a foundation of drive, experience, and education.

Jackie lives and works in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area. She’s intimately familiar with all aspects of this region and loves giving potential buyers the inside look at the area she’s grown to know and love.

Jackie will work with all parties involved to deliver successful results every time. If you’re looking for a stand-out agent who works hard and displays transparent integrity, contact Jackie Young at (916) 990-3130 or email her at